Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Terrible Lie - Life in the Fast Lane

This is a new article for me. This is where I take the exciting world of the music industry and turn it down to the mundane and painfully normal. Think those rockers have it made?

It is a little known fact about how the song "Life in the Fast Lane" was written by the Eagles. They were headed out after a long night at the recording studio to IHOP when tragedy struck! They hit gridlock!

The found themselves stuck in this bumper to bumper mayhem for over an hour. Finally, someone said "Hey look at that lane over there! Why are they moving? Wouldn't that be great if we could be in that carpool lane." After looking around at each other, it was realized that there WERE enough people in the car to be in that lane.

Oh, it was a glorious moment when The Eagles were able to finally use that carpool lane. It was decided to become a song. There was only one problem. No listener would see the whole glory of the moment with "carpool lane" or "HOV lane." It was decided to become "fast lane" and as the usual formula, it included fast times, the high life, and all those things way out of the reach of the unwashed masses mixed with tragedy.

Way to go Eagles... mixing the mundane with the exciting.

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