Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Armchair Quarterbacks

I'm getting to the point where I can't help but wonder... what is with the 'armchair quarterbacks' of the world? What is the sudden urge to coach on those who are doing the things they have done a million times on their own?

A prime example would be at work, with me on the forklift. I've moved a good number of things around the building, into the building, out of the building... you get the idea. Every time any one of the other employees needs this particular forklift, they don't just wait patiently. They wait patiently, look bored, then approach as to make an appearance. I'm ok with that, considering we all have to look busy. But, when they feel compelled to approach and 'guide' me into whatever it is that I'm grabbing, or where ever it is that I'm setting it down, I get a little annoyed. That is when I get distracted by their incomprehensible hand signals and bump into things.

So, it has me thinking. What is that urge to tell people how to do the things that have already been done to death?


pete in Midland said...

I think I can easily answer that one, Chris. I started off my worklife driving a forktruck in a Sears warehouse in Alberta. And worked my way up to managing warehouses ...
The lower ranked a persons job is, the more they desire to have authority over someone (or a bunch of someones).
Even if it's only waving your arms around to make it appear you're directing someone into a pallet, or a parking space ...
I stopped letting it bother me a lot of years ago. I had to. My wife wants to tell me how to do everything, including the things I get paid to do and am supposedly expert at. I learned to just nod my head, and then proceed to do what I [lanned to do regardless.

ChrisA said...

Good point there.