Saturday, May 26, 2007

Common Sense

Over the past several years, in many situations, and several different types of jobs, I hear that phrase. Just use some common sense. To a degree there's a little bit of it in everything. But I'm starting to see that what everyone considers common sense really isn't that common.

Example. (I'll even use myself) I've had many different types of jobs: restaurant (cooking / serving / support staff), retail, IT, office work, and now shop work. I've made my fair share of mistakes and tend to be a quick study at avoiding them. Not having the tribal knowledge, I have a hard time thinking this would be considered to be 'common sense.' Common sense to me would be a few things like "save work frequently in case of power outage", "chicken stored below any other kind of meat, seafood on top", "T-Bone is about the best steak out there", etc. I'm almost certain that a good chunk of the people I work with wouldn't consider my common sense to be common sense.

So, is common sense really all that common?

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