Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 28th - Buy Ammo Day!

Don't forget that this Tuesday, August 28th, is Buy Ammo day!

Why buy ammo you ask?

Do you need a reason I ask?

Just as I figured... no reason needed.

Don't have a gun? Buy ammo for a friend in need. Maybe keep a couple rounds for yourself, even just to display. Carry a couple .45 rounds in your pocket. That way, hippies and gun grabbers will know to fear you when you're going through your change to buy a soda.

You could even buy a brick of ammo, and then use THAT as an excuse to buy that gun you've always wanted.

Happy shooting everybody!


shoprat said...

Do you know that monkey?

actually I kind of like that.

ChrisA said...

You can't help but admire the little guy. He's got moxie!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Cool monkey.
And yeah, I bought some ammo. ;)