Saturday, June 2, 2007

Terrible Lie - Brown Eyed Girl

This is a new article for me. This is where I take the exciting world of the music industry and turn it down to the mundane and painfully normal. Think those rockers have it made? Today's victim, Van Morrison's 'Brown-Eyed Girl.'

It is fairly common knowledge that this song was originally penned up as 'Brown Skinned Girl' and that Van was in fact friends with Jim Morrison. Everyone always pictured in their minds that this brown skinned girl he was referring to would have been an exotic girl of sorts. Perhaps of Latin, African American, or the ever so exotic southeast Asian or Pacific Islander. In this case it is really far from the truth. Van, being in desperate need of a muse turned to alcohol. One night while finding himself in need of companionship, he found a nice woman. Full of conversation she was, and maybe it was the appletinis talking, but he felt something. Although, this was a mere one night stand, she lit the fire in him.

After sobering up, the beer goggles wore off, and this is what he saw....

Although, shaken up by what he saw, the feelings could not be denied. Thus, she was described the best way he knew how... brown skinned. Her actual eye color was not known, so it was mainly 'fudged' into the lyrics.